Rory Millikin Wikipedia, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age

Rory Millikin Wikipedia, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age

Rory Millikin Wikipedia, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age – It’s challenging to think of the new Jeremy Renner television series “Rennervations” without thinking about the accident that recently claimed the actor’s life. Renner, who was already well-known thanks to his performance in box office hits like “The Hurt Locker” and highly praised films like the “Avengers” series, had terrible injuries when his Snowcat crushed him, leaving him with 30 shattered bones, a perforated liver, and a collapsed lung.

Rory Millikin Wikipedia, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age
Rory Millikin Wikipedia, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age

However, the four-part series “Reservations,” which premieres on Disney+ today, April 12, isn’t really meant to be about Renner as an actor or even his sad tragedy. Showcase Renner’s love for repairing vehicles and giving back to local communities is the stated goal of the programme.

All of those cars were acquired at auction and kept by Renner until needed to be transformed into something very different from what they were intended to be.

Rory Millikin, Renner’s best friend and business partner, joined us for a quick Zoom video chat to talk about the show. It turns out that the adventure’s backstory is almost as fascinating as the outcomes.


“Could you briefly describe how you met Jeremy Renner and what made you two decide to work on ‘Rennervations’?” said Jeremy Korzeniewski.

“I’m Canadian, the guys from the Canadian rock band Nickleback came by,” said Rory Millikin. Chad was giving me a unique butt kick when we were playing pool, and Jeremy and Chad share a mutual friend. I had no idea who Jeremy Renner was because I had never heard of him. We approached him, greeted him, and started speaking. When we were discussing the movie “Arrival,” he hinted that he was in it. I said, “Yeah, I just noticed it.” It included Superman’s girlfriend, but I don’t recall you being there.

What factors led to the decision to purchase “government surplus” buses for this project, asked Korzeniewski?

“He likes to buy items from auction houses; he calls it ‘garage sale-ing for billionaires,’ and he was watching these large trucks going to waste and potentially getting salvaged, and he was thinking, ‘I should buy one of those. they still have a lot of life in them,” said Millikin. He detests when things are wasted. then one day he went out and got a fire engine.

What are you going to do with this, I questioned. There are numerous fires up here in Tahoe, so perhaps I can use the turret to spray a fire inhibitor along the ditches where the sparks begin, he says. Alternately, we could make it into a party bus with a DJ booth on top, a slide off the front, and an ice cream cone! But he consistently emphasises helping the community and youngsters.

Then he received another and exclaimed, “You gotta see this. And after that, it only turned into a little issue. He just began purchasing various things, including airport shuttle vehicles, trams, and buses. He sort of had the notion.

Perhaps you might collaborate with a company and provide a broad overview of the company as a whole. In order to introduce these incredibly exceptional organisations to the world, demonstrate their impact on children, and motivate viewers to identify additional organisations in their community to which they can contribute, the truck’s repurposing served as a segue.

“If you were to set about to do this again, do you think you’d follow that same path, these surplus vehicles – is that something you’d do over again?” asked Korzeniewski.

“I believe the answer is yes,” said Millikin. It’s odd how the universe operates and how you sort of follow a path to find an exceptional gem. Therefore, I believe the answer to be yes. Are there any alternative or complementary ways he might think about achieving it? Sure. Finding these automobiles online and engaging in the bids, in my opinion, is half of the enjoyment. If other people could give automobiles, it would be inspiring and get others interested in joining the organisations.

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