Salwan Momika Wikipedia, Wiki, News, Parents, Quran Burning, Instagram, Religion

Salwan Momika Wikipedia, Wiki, News, Parents, Quran Burning, Instagram, Religion

Salwan Momika Wikipedia, Wiki, News, Parents, Quran Burning, Instagram, Religion – Salwan Momika is a Christian from Iraq who rose to fame after taking part in the burning of the Quran in Sweden. He is an Iraqi native who is from the Al-Hamdaniya District, which is east of Mosul. Momika, a 37-year-old man, gained notoriety for trampling and torching Islamic holy book pages in front of a significant mosque in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. His acts triggered protracted demonstrations and criticism throughout the world, including in Iraq.

Salwan Momika Bio

Iraqi native Salwan Momika recently fled his country and sought asylum in Sweden. He made his home in the Stockholm County community of Järna, which is part of Södertälje. Salwan Momika has recently attracted notice and reputation, but regrettably he has turned into a target of animosity among Muslims. The Muslim community has been deeply hurt and incensed by his acts, especially the episode involving the burning of the Quran.

The “Chaldean Eagles” militia was reportedly led by Momika in 2017, however she departed the nation as a result of disagreements with Ryan al-Kildani, the head of the “Babylon” political party. Salwan Momika, an Iraqi Christian who leads a militia in Nineveh and burns the Quran, has been the target of numerous demonstrations in recent Iraqi events. Iraqis have expressed outrage over the incident, which happened in Sweden where Momika sought sanctuary, and have called for his extradition and prosecution.

Salwan Momika Motive and Statements

In a video uploaded to social media, Salwan Momika described his plans for a protest on the first day of Eid. He plans to stage the protest and burn the Quran in front of a significant mosque in Stockholm. Momika has invited his family members who live in Stockholm to take part in the protest and provide both material and emotional assistance.

Momika’s choice to burn the Quran was motivated by his respect for the right to free expression. He has reportedly been cited as saying, “This is democracy. If they inform us that we cannot do this, it is in risk. Momika specifically states his wish to protest in front of the sizable mosque in Stockholm and convey his ideas about the Quran by tearing it up and burning it on fire in his application for the protest, which has been viewed and cited by international media.

Sweden is renowned for being tolerant of demonstrations and open displays of views. In light of this, Momika was permitted to demonstrate on Wednesday by a Swedish court. It should be emphasised, nevertheless, that the police in Stockholm declined to grant permission for the burning of the Quran because they were worried about possible disturbance or inflammatory behaviour.

Reaction of Iraq

This week, protests over Salwan Momika’s mutilation of the Quran were ongoing in Iraq. In front of a significant mosque in the Swedish capital, Momika, a 37-year-old Christian from the Al-Hamdaniya District, tore up and burned on fire pages from the Islamic holy book on June 30. The conduct, which was allowed by Sweden’s free speech rules, sparked protests and widespread condemnation in Iraq.

After the incident, Iraq formally asked Sweden to extradite Salwan Momika so that he may be tried under Iraqi law. Legal authorities have said that Momika might receive a lengthy prison sentence if she were to be convicted in Iraq. His activities are viewed by the Iraqi authorities as a serious offence against Muslim religious sentiments.

Salwan Momika’s Quran-burning incident sparked huge demonstrations in Iraq and calls for his extradition and trial. The incident is complicated by Momika’s past and potential militia links, which have greatly angered Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere. The episode serves as a reminder of the regional extremism threat, and the government of Iraq has denounced Sweden’s decision to allow the rally. As a result of these incidents, there are now diplomatic problems between Sweden and Iraq.

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