Sean Clerkin Wikipedia, Twitter, Job Net Worth, Stock Price

Sean Clerkin Wikipedia, Twitter, Job Net Worth, Stock Price

Sean Clerkin Wikipedia, Twitter, Job Net Worth, Stock Price – A staunchly pro-Scottish independence group has blacklisted a BARRHEAD activist due to a “racist” banner that was flown outside the SNP conference centre in Edinburgh.

Sean Clerkin Wikipedia, Twitter, Job Net Worth, Stock Price
Sean Clerkin Wikipedia, Twitter, Job Net Worth, Stock Price

Sean Clerkin, a controversial Scottish Resistance member, was holding the sign, which read “England get out of Scotland,” over the weekend. The Scottish Resistance’s founder, James Scott, claimed a group meeting had decided the banner was “not acceptable” and ought to have stated “Westminster out of Scotland.”

Mr Clerkin, who disputes accusations that the banner is racist, has reportedly been expelled from the Scottish Resistance movement, according to Mr Scott.

According to Mr Scott, it was just the most recent of a number of problems, including Mr Clerkin’s decision to continue his demonstration against other groups’ requests outside the Spanish consulate during the 2017 Catalonia referendum. The Scottish Resistance group entered the Edinburgh consulate building on North Castle Street with six members.

They raised a banner and remained for a short while before slipping away. But allegedly Mr Clerkin remained. After Spanish government authorities called the police, Mr Clerkin was taken into custody.

He was exonerated of acting violently and threateningly at the Spanish consulate last year. The group also cited a case in which Mr. Clerkin, who claimed to have been assaulted at a Conservative Party election event, was found guilty of idling the police.

In April of last year, Mr. Clerkin secured entry to a Scottish Conservative party function held at the Hamilton Academical FC stadium. Mr. Clerkin was put on leave in June after declaring that the SNP’s new economic platform was “a betrayal” and that he was leaving the nationalist movement.

He was able to live back before, but he did not make it this time, according to Mr. Scott. The group is sick of him and is fed up with him. Because of his actions, I receive a tonne of emails and Facebook messages. So, now, everyone wants him gone.

He has officially been blacklisted. He’s not here anymore. He poses a serious threat to the cause. Mr. Scott responded, “It is a decision that has been made and it will stand,” when asked if Mr. Clerkin might appeal.

“The banner displayed at the SNP conference is not racist and is not anti-SNP,” Mr. Clerkin, who is famous for following former Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray into a sandwich shop in 2011, stated in reaction to the incident.

“The annexation of Scotland in 1707, when the unelected parliamentarians in the Scottish Parliament were bought off by the English aristocracy to sell Scotland out, is what the banner is about. Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, termed the country a parcel of rogues.

“Scotland is under a Westminster dictatorship, an English queen, the Bank of England, etc. where our people are shackled to poverty every day, with over a million of them living in poverty, 260,000 of them being children, as well as record numbers of the homeless and using food banks.

The flag is a replica of the Sinn Fein banner that was shown during the St. Patrick’s Day parade a few weeks ago.”I make no apology for the banner as it is direct and to the point about our subjugation to the English or British state,” he ended in his social media post. Alba Saor.

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