Shad Thyrion Wikipedia, Wiki, Head, Autopsy Report, Story, Body, Family, Report

Shad Thyrion Wikipedia, Wiki, Head, Autopsy Report, Story, Body, Family, Report

Shad Thyrion Wikipedia, Wiki, Head, Autopsy Report, Story, Body, Family, Report -: Taylor Schabusiness is suspected of killing Shad Thyrion by strangling him, slaughtering his body, and dumping his severed head in a pail.

Shad Thyrion Wikipedia, Wiki, Head, Autopsy Report, Story, Body, Family, Report
Shad Thyrion Wikipedia, Wiki, Head, Autopsy Report, Story, Body, Family, Report

Taylor Schabusiness, a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is charged with beheading and killing her romantic partner in February 2022.

According to the criminal complaint, Schabusiness is accused of consuming methamphetamine, strangling Shad Thyrion to death in the basement of his mother’s house, then dismembering the body and leaving the head in a bucket, where it was discovered by the victim’s mother.

The teenage murder suspect is on trial and once confronted her defense lawyer in court.

What happened to Shad Thyrion? Who was he?

The son of Tara Pakanich and Michael Thyrion, Shad Thyrion lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

He started working with his father and grandfather at their family companies after graduating from high school. He was born on September 7, 1997.

He was a gifted artist who loved camping, playing games, and spending time with his family.

The family’s lives were flipped upside down on February 23, 2022, when his mother discovered his severed head in a bucket.

When Schabusiness took him up hours earlier, according to his mother’s statement to the police, her son was still alive.

She was apparently discovered at home with dried blood on her hands and clothes.

Investigators reportedly discovered a crock pot package containing “human body parts including legs” after examining Schabusiness’ car.

According to the local ABC affiliate station WBAY, other human parts were later found, including an upper torso and various internal organs in a storage tote bag.

According to Fox11 News, Dr. Vincent Tranchida’s autopsy revealed that Thyrion died by strangling, and his death was classified as a homicide.

Thyrion was seen as a “very kind” and “compassionate person” who “often thought of others before himself.”

Thyrion’s uncle, Nathan Mineau, described his passing as “devastating” and referred to the man who killed him as a “monster.”

Who are the parents of Shad Thyrion?

Tara Pakanich and Michael Thyrion are Shad Thyrion’s parents.

Because they frequently avoid the spotlight and social media, there is currently little information on the late young man’s parents and their private lives.

Shad is survived by his parents, his siblings Ava Wheelock, Cilivea Sunray Thyrion, and Beau Smith, his grandparents Becky and Steve Fisher, David J. Pakanich, and Elaine Williquette, as well as a large number of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. He is also survived by his grandparents Becky and Steve Fisher.

What did Shad’s mother say about his passing?

During Schabusiness’ trial, Pakanich testified in front of the jury and described the horrifying moment she discovered her son’s severed skull in a bucket.

She explained on the witness stand that she had gone to her home’s basement to switch out a light that had been left on when she made the horrifying find.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, she told the jury, “I figured (Shad) was sleeping.”

“I wished to sleep again. When I walked back upstairs, I found a bucket. I discovered Shad there.

Pakanich raced upstairs to wake her lover Steve Hendricks after seeing Thyrion’s head, and he then called the police.

Who is Taylor Schabusiness?

The woman, who is now 25 years old, is married to Warren and the mother of a kid.

She was charged with first-degree intentional killing, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault and entered a not-guilty plea in court in July.

Her detention is under a $2 million cash bond.

Schabusiness aggressively fought her lawyer during a hearing to determine her fitness to stand trial on February 14; the incident was caught on tape.

Schabusiness had entered a not guilty plea and defense of not guilty due to a mental illness or defect.

A court officer tackled Schabusiness to the ground after the Wisconsin judge reluctantly postponed her March 6 trial, and the video shows Schabusiness kicking and punching her lawyer Quinn Jolly.

The single mother could receive a life sentence if found guilty.

News -:

A jury concluded on Thursday that a Green Bay woman wasn’t mentally ill when she killed and dismembered a former boyfriend and dispersed his body parts around the neighborhood.

The same Brown County jury that took less than an hour to deliberate on Wednesday before finding Taylor Schabusiness, 25, guilty of killing Shad Thyrion, 24, in February 2022 and of third-degree sexual abuse and mutilating his body also took less than an hour to deliberate on Thursday.

According to CBS station WFRV-TV, Brown County Circuit Judge Thomas Walsh scheduled sentencing for September 26.

Authorities claim that Schabusiness sexually assaulted Thyrion, strangled him at the Green Bay home he shared with his mother, and then dismembered him, scattering pieces of his body around the house and in a car.

According to Thyrion’s father’s testimony, Schabusiness and his son were friends in middle and high school, according to WFRV. He called her “polite.”

When she was assessed at the Brown County Jail in 2022 and 2023, she looked to have a variety of mental health problems, according to Diane Lytton, a separate psychologist who testified on Thursday for the defense.

The psychologist said that Schabusiness was a “psychotic person,” and that he had thrown a plastic chair at Lytton while being evaluated.

Schabusiness was subject to a civil commitment order in April 2021, according to defense attorney Christopher Froelich, “because she was mentally ill.”

According to Caleb Saunders, an assistant district attorney for Brown County, the jury’s focus should be on the defendant’s mental condition at the time of the act rather than the year 2021.

Schabusiness would not have gone to jail but to a mental institution if the jury had determined she was mentally ill.

Schabusiness was found to be competent to stand trial by Walsh in March.

In a hearing in February, Schabusiness assaulted her former counsel before being taken to the floor of the courtroom by a constable.

According to WFRV, the prosecution during the trial included a picture of Schabusiness with her phone lying next to a picture of Wisconsin serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

According to Schabusiness’s father’s testimony, her mother passed away while she was sleeping, which had a negative impact on the family, according to WFRV. According to the station, he claimed to have sent her to live with her grandparents in Texas in 2017.

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