Simon Abou Fadel Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Brother, Twitter

Simon Abou Fadel Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Brother, Twitter

Simon Abou Fadel Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Brother, Twitter – Former Lebanese minister Wi’am Wahab and journalist Simon Abou Fadel got into a fight on live television on Thursday night on Marcel Ghanem’s political chat show Sar el-Wa’t.

The army was called in for support as the argument raged outside the MTV studio. The episode generated a flood of reactions on social media.

Former minister Wahab and journalist Abou Fadel engage in combat live on air

Despite having a black eye, Simon Abou Fadel ultimately went back to the set to resume the performance, and Wi’am Wahab, who had remained outside, later offered an apology. Wahab eventually made a comeback, but only when Abou Fadel wasn’t around.

A discussion between the two guys during the programme about US sanctions against Lebanese individuals suspected of corruption and ties to Hezbollah quickly turned violent. These US sanctions have been directed towards Wahab for a number of years.

Simon Abou Fadel Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Brother, Twitter

Wahab, the head of the “Tawhid” movement, was addressed by Simon Abou Fadel, who warned him that the sanctions “should not be taken lightly.” Wahab responded, “These sanctions are worth as much as my shoes. “You can sort out your problems with your shoes later,” the journalist responded.

Following a barrage of obscenities, Wahab tossed a glass of water in the journalist’s face before the two started fighting. Abou Fadel and Wahab were quickly surrounded by a throng of onlookers, security personnel, and likely bodyguards while Marcel Ghanem fought to restore order to the stage.

Ghanem yelled, “Stop live broadcasting immediately!” yet the programme didn’t end for several minutes.

Later, MTV sent out a cellphone notice containing the video. The altercation persisted outside the studio. Additionally, it was recorded and widely disseminated on social media. To restore order, the army stepped in.

Despite suffering a bruised eye from the altercation, Simon Abou Fadel did return to the programme. He replied, “My face reflects my conscience,” while Wahab was kept out of the way in a separate room.

Once back on the set, the former minister eventually apologised to the channel’s director, the show’s host, the viewers, and Abou Fadel.

Many Internet users criticised the event on social media because they thought the former minister’s behaviour symbolised the abuse of power by Hezbollah and its political supporters. Others believed that the host of the show took advantage of the altercation to generate hype.

On the political front, a number of organisations opposed to Hezbollah and its allies denounced the incident. In particular, the Kataeb party criticised “Wi’am Wahab and his militias.”

Such occurrences have before taken place during televised political programmes, therefore this is not unprecedented. Since the beginning of Marcel Ghanem’s programme, there have been a number of altercations amongst guests and even inside the crowd.

In November 2022, audience members and supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement got into a fight live on the set, which resulted in multiple injuries.

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