Soledad Ortega edad, Biografia, Wikipedia, Wiki

Soledad Ortega edad, Biografia, Wikipedia, Wiki

Soledad Ortega edad, Biografia, Wikipedia, Wiki -Since I truly had the desire of being a mother and at the same time am extremely satisfied with my career and the development of my profession, balancing the two roles—that of the professional and that of the mom—has always been my toughest problem.

How do you balance motherhood with a position that requires so much public exposure?

I won’t tell you that it was simple, but rather that choices had to be taken in order for me to achieve that balance. In other words, there may have been certain ideas that I was unable to accept at the time because I desired the equilibrium that you are advocating.

I think you can always work and be a mother, that much is obvious. The problem is sometimes how you want to exercise that maternity leave or the time you want to devote to it, which is already very personal. It also requires having the option to choose; in my case, I always had the choice of how many hours I was away from home or how I wanted to spend the first years, especially my children when they were young.

For instance, you opted to do radio or television at the moment rather than combining the two. The fact is, I’ve always had the chance to do the things I enjoy. For instance, when my kids were younger, I saw a programme called “Your baby” that completely matched my fears and motherly concerns with its suggestions and what I learned from it. At that time, everything was exactly parallel. I believe I have always been able to maintain that balance and to enjoy both with enjoyment, which is fantastic, but it is clear that this necessitates having the ability to make certain selections.

What aspect of becoming a mother do you love the most?

Being a mother is not one of the few things one enjoys. One enjoys the option of having children, learning from them, and pushing oneself because one is a 24-hour mum. With kids, every day presents a challenge because circumstances, dialogues, or discussions demand planning ahead for what to say. or what is it that I want to say to you? So in that sense, it’s also a job. Enjoy, I enjoy when everyone is there, at ease, and we can do activities that are enjoyable for everyone and that are a little different from the sometimes-demanding routine that we have at home.

The pandemic allowed us to unwind, spend more time together, and engage in lengthy after-dinner chats without feeling rushed. I understand that the pandemic lowered us two changes and allowed us to enjoy without rush, which I know has also happened to some families. Unfortunately, there are times when life moves too quickly. We shared breakfast and lunch while speaking and taking our time, and I really loved it.

Additionally, I am particularly loving having a young girl in the family since she has helped me grow as a mother and has taught me how rapidly time passes. As a result, I am experiencing life at a different stage from my sons. Adolescence,

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