Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show – Stacey Pinkerton, a Bill Cosby accuser, is suing the comedian in court over an alleged sexual assault that she claims occurred while he was on “The Cosby Show,” but Cosby’s team thinks it’s a money-grabbing scheme.

Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show
Stacey Pinkerton Wikipedia, Wiki, Bill Cosby Show

When you assaulted me sexually in 1986, Bill Cosby sued you?

Stacey claims Bill sexually attacked her in 1986 when she was around 21 years old, and she believes he exploited his position of authority as a “Cosby Show” star to groom her, according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Stacey claims she met Bill in 1986 and that he invited her to New York to appear on the popular NBC sitcom. She claims that at the time, Bill promised to advance her career while she was working as a flight attendant and model.

According to the documents, Stacey claims she consented to hang out with Bill in New York under the false assumption that Cosby wanted to help her advance her modeling and acting careers. However, she alleges he had other intentions.

Although she wasn’t included in the final edit, Stacey alleges Bill took her to the “Cosby Show” studio in New York where they shot one episode. She claims that he paid for her hotel accommodations and provided her money as a ruse to win her trust.

Stacey believes Bill set them up to meet again in 1986, this time in Chicago, on the pretense of advancing her career. She claims he drugged her food at dinner and then brought her to a private hotel room at the Drake Hotel where he sexually abused her and coerced her into having sex.

Stacey argues that because she was physically weak, she was unable to consent, and that after the assault, he used his position to silence her.

According to the lawsuit, Stacey claims Bill’s representatives called her in September 1986 and asked her to attend a comedy concert. She then claims she went to confront him.

Stacey claims that after the show, Bill approached her and gave her a strong kiss and uninvited butt pat. She claims that after ranting, the venue kicked her out. She is suing Cosby for sexual battery and seeking damages from him.

Bill’s attorney, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ that Ms. Pinkerton has chosen to join Ms. Allred’s group of supposed accusers because she is unwilling to believe that actor and comedian Bill Cosby was cleared by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court almost a year and a half ago. America can now clearly see what we have been saying for a long time: this isn’t about delivering justice to purported sexual assault victims; it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. We are certain that the legal system and the court of public opinion will uphold the law and clear Mr. Cosby of these purported charges. Mr. Cosby is eager to defend himself in court and continues to fiercely refute all accusations made against him.

One Cosby Survivor’s Story of Finding Her Voice and Why She Won’t Quit Using It

She was one of eight Cosby victims who testified at a subsequent news conference since Pennsylvania law prohibited them from testifying in court about the lifelong effects of being drugged and sexually assaulted. Of the eight, Stacey was the only one who had never previously disclosed her identity in public.

She didn’t say much that day other than the fact that he had drugged and abused her in 1986, leaving a lasting scar. These things, she remarked, “remain with you forever, no matter what.” It has an impact on both your trust and wellness. I made an effort to ignore it and carried on. This week marked the end of the 32 years I had to suffer.

We eventually became friends on Facebook, but I never contacted her to conduct a follow-up interview. (For the Daily Beast, I covered the second trial and sentencing.) I could see she was still a little frail because I am aware of the fortitude required to speak out against a figure as respected and strong as Bill Cosby. In contrast to victims of other violent crimes, sexual assault victims frequently face retaliation after coming out, so I was curious to hear how she was received.

Stacey contacted me in late December 2018 to ask if I would be willing to appear on her radio show as I was completing the last edits on my book CHASING COSBY. I asked her if she wanted me to incorporate her story in my book because she also wanted to share about her own experience. She decided in favor of it after giving it some thought. Thankfully, my editor gave me the go-ahead to include Stacey in the epilogue even though I had already passed the original deadline (I had to write it in two months!).

Her story was frightening and tragic, as it is with so many of the women Cosby preyed upon.

When Stacey first met Cosby, she was a flight attendant who was 21 years old. On the advice of the hotel manager, she had taken a limo ride from her hotel to the airport with Cam Cooper, one of Cosby’s employees. He introduced her to Cosby, who was sitting in first class, after they had briefly conversed during the car ride. Cosby greeted her warmly and inquired whether she was a model. He even played the spoons for her. Even though she was not a client of an agency, she claimed to be She needed to travel to New York, but he offered to assist her with her job.

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