Tina Niedecken Wikipedia, Wiki, Alter, Fotografin, Yoga

Tina Niedecken Wikipedia, Wiki, Alter, Fotografin, Yoga

Tina Niedecken Wikipedia, Wiki, Alter, Fotografin, Yoga – Little Wolfgang was “verdamp long ago” when he first beheld the light of day. The rock bard from Cologne was born in Cologne on March 30, 1951, or almost 70 years ago. He substantially influenced German rock and pop history as the lead vocalist and band founder of the rock group BAP and popularized the Cologne dialect outside of the Rhine capital. He writes about his personal experiences in his lyrics more successfully and sincerely than almost any other German lyricist. Niedecken is not just a Cologne institution; he is also an artist, a political activist, and a devout citizen. The occasion for a tiny (Corona-compliant) Cologne meeting special with special guests and some music is his milestone birthday.

Tina Niedecken Wikipedia, Wiki, Alter, Fotografin, Yoga
Tina Niedecken Wikipedia, Wiki, Alter, Fotografin, Yoga

Who Is Tina Niedecken ?

She is the manager, yoga instructor, photographer, and wife of the rocker Wolfgang Niedecken. In the airport line, she ran across the love of her life. He was more than impressed that she thought him interesting.

The renowned Kölsch rocker turns 70 years old on March 30. It’s time to reflect on some of the Kölner Treff’s stations in his life. Some of the singer’s pals are invited to the studio by hostess Bettina Böttinger. On this special evening, visitors will include his wife Tina Niedecken, the acting couple Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Harald Krassnitzer, singer Clueso, and presenter Gert Scobel. The audience can also anticipate one or more musical samples, which will be delivered in a corona-friendly manner.

Wolfgang Niedecken is unquestionably the closest German musician to Bob Dylan. He has been influencing German-speaking rock music for decades, both with his band BAP and as a solo artist, and he frequently discusses Bob Dylan’s work: Niedecken set out on a voyage in 2017 on behalf of the TV network Arte. He followed in Bob Dylan’s footsteps. He spoke to numerous former friends, photographers, journalists, and artists all around the USA, who were able to competently enlighten him on “Bob Dylan’s America” (the working title).

Based on the experiences from this journey, the book “Bob Dylan” was released in March 2021. Bob Dylan is credited with preventing Wolfgang Niedecken from becoming a musician. “In my opinion, he is the best American songwriter. I haven’t had a finer understanding of the American soul from any other performer. Without the work of Bob Dylan, many of my songs would not exist. In addition to playing the appropriate music, Niedecken reads portions from his conversational-style book that has the feel of a road movie. Whether the various storylines result in a Dylan or a BAP song will be an intriguing thing to see.

Because many songs have their own cover versions, he sometimes shifts between English and Cologne in the middle of a song. Songs like “Songs sense Dreams,” which was inspired by a passage from Bob Dylan’s autobiography Chronicles, are also included in the set list. They resemble foreign nations that you have visited. On these enchanted nights, Mike Herting, a pianist, arranger, and big band leader, plays alongside his longtime friend Wolfgang Niedecken.

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