Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band -: Belgian singer, guitarist, and pianist Tom Pintens. In 1974, he was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He started playing in the bands Flowers for Breakfast and A Beatband at the beginning of the 1990s. He joined the Zita Swoon band in 1994, which went on to have great success all over the world. He was a member of the bands Roosbeef and Think of One. Pintens performed with bands, but he also put out a number of solo records. At the age of 49, he passed away in 2023.

Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Bio

NameTom Pintens
Ageage 49 years (Died)
Date Of Birth1974
ProfessionBelgian singer, guitarist, and pianist
BirthplaceAntwerp, Belgium
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Measurement

Height5 feet 9 inch
Weight82 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourSlat & Paper
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Educational Qualifications

SchoolHigh School
College or UniversityPrivate University
Educational DegreeGraduate
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Family

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
Brother / SisterNot Known
ChildrenSon: Not Known
Daughter: Not Known
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Marital Status

Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse NameNot Known
AffairsNot Known
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Net Worth

Net Worth In Dollars$1 Million
SalaryNot Known
Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Social Media Accounts

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Tom Pintens Wikipedia, Partner, Overleden, Vriendin, Band

Tom Pintens Career

In 2004, he and 2000 Monkeys put out an album bearing his name. For Pintens’ debut album as a singer/songwriter, Monkeys may be viewed as a support band. In 2014, the band played a number of modest-sized Flemish festivals and enjoyed radio success. Since 2012, Pintens has been a regular player for Het Zesde Metaal. He worked on their album for several months in his dying months; it will be released in the autumn of 2023. Later, he mostly focused on his solo career. Pintens has released three albums in the Dutch language. The singer’s most well-known song is Charleroi from the album Winter makes us cheerful. To promote his debut album, Pintens appeared on stage with Aarich Jespers and Mirko Banovic.

They were, however, replaced by Stijn Cole, Tijs Delbeke, Bjorn Eriksson, and Jeroen Stevens because Winter makes us happy. Additionally, he collaborated with Tamino on the 2017 album Tamino. He participated as a guest musician on numerous songs and with different bands. In the meantime, guitarist and keyboardist Pintens made a name for himself as a producer for numerous bands and projects as well as a composer for theatre and film, such as S by Guido Henderickx, Le Bal Masqué by Julien Vrébos, and Kaatje is Drowned by Tom Van Dyck.

Tom Pintens News

Tom Pintens was immersed in his own audio universe.

Much too soon, Flanders loses a musical chameleon. Tom Pintens created lovely pop music both as a solo artist and with Het Zesde Metaal. On Thursday night, the musician passed away at home in the company of his loved ones.

He intended to discuss it with De Standaard in the late spring of 2023 because he wanted to inspire other men to be aware of colon cancer before the age of fifty. He had been assaulted in the spring of 2022, and it quickly became clear that it was of a never-ending variety. Even though he was in pain, he continued to play music, which, along with the morphine, provided comfort.

I want to keep going as long as it’s comfortable for me and my surroundings, he stated at the time.

With Laurence Roothooft, his girlfriend, there, it was a heartfelt discussion. Being cruelly demoted to the level of “someone like that,” as he scornfully described it, took a lot of getting used to for him because he was just 48 and had two children who needed him. He didn’t request medical prognostications but was aware that his time was limited. Naturally, someone who had been a musician their entire life wanted to keep doing it for a while.

He was permitted to work with Het Zesde Metaal to produce their final record. Given that Pintens always had very distinct notions about how music should sound and that his job also gave him energy that he could use effectively, this was a kind gift.

lone survivor

He was an outcast in the pop culture from the beginning. had conservatory training and mostly listened to classical music. He might have believed that popping couldn’t be all that difficult. It also helped that, thanks to the Deus effect, bands from Antwerp could already start making money in the early 1990s by simply considering forming a rock band.

A Beatband, Pintens’ initial group, featured three Deus members and would subsequently serve as the nucleus of Moondog Jr. It soon became apparent that he did not fully comprehend rock music, was far more engaged in melody and harmony, and would have a unique role to play in the Antwerp music scene. He recorded the debut of Moondog Jr. in 1995 with Tomas De Smet, Aarich Jespers, and Stef Kamil Carlens, among others: a masterpiece.

Pintens was a pianist who was also skilled in a variety of other instruments. In order to do that, he had to start Flowers For Breakfast. He also wanted to write his own music. Polygram invested a few million francs, which was a substantial figure at the time, out of fear that they might miss the next Deus and received an experimental record in 1996. Pintens described the studio experience as “looking around in a new piece of nature,” but after two records, the money stream was shut off.

Return Home

He may not have been as much of a front guy as a right hand. He thought it was aggressive when I told him in June 2023 that I had counted more than 40 people with whom he had played or written. In addition to Think of One, Zita Swoon, Roosbeef, and Het Zesde Metaal, he has also collaborated with Deus, Tamino, Dez Mona, and Wigbert. Although it was his work, he preferred to play with others. In 2007, he told me, “I would like to play in ten groups at once, but I don’t have the time.”

In 2004, after Zita Swoon was briefly stopped, he gave it another go with his own band, 2000 Monkeys. It was acceptable that more than a debut album did not materialize because, with Zita Swoon, his desire to travel was more than met and, with Think of One, he gained significant production expertise.

Together with his then-girlfriend Ellen Schoenaerts, he had Oliver in 2004. Perhaps he created different music as a result of his more intimate life. Prior to Kaatje’s drowning, he said that the experience of writing songs in Dutch with Gorki vocalist Luc Devos served as a catalyst.

He referred to his new goal as being “closer to home.” In Ten to See, where good melodies and melodic vocals are valued more highly than in the rock world, he was a fan as a teen. His brand-new solo Dutch debut was made available in 2007. Even if he didn’t make it to Ten to see it, it demonstrated a fresh tone, a contemporary voice, and an excellent play area.

150 songs
The three Dutch-language CDs that Tom Pintens released are imaginative and continue to be extremely motivating. He frequently let his classical training show, and he enjoyed using unusual chord changes and ambiguous noises. Stanley, K, Er is Das Pop, Winter Makes Us Happy, The Harvest, and Louise are just a few of the songs that opened a window and thankfully still made it to the radio. Many of the songs’ lyrics were written by Ellen Schoenaerts, who sought out fresh perspectives by using simple analogies and direct language. On occasion, she laid out the breakdown of her relationship with Pintens in great detail without the singer appearing to be aware of it.

Their most well-known song was “In Charleroi,” a 2009 radio success. Pays noir: “It’s not a beggar/The sun shines for her too” Pintens claimed that “the song was primarily about the habit of thinking black about something, while there is still a lot of positive to see,” but it was an incredible pleasure for him to get lost in French-speaking Belgium on the radio.

That train came to an end after the third album, The Harvest (2011). He participated in ad hoc groups like “Heavy Metals,” contributed as a guest musician on numerous albums, and, starting in 2012, assumed the role of permanent guitarist for Het Zesde Metaal alongside Wannes Cappelle. Pintens used their upcoming record, which won’t be out until the autumn, as a sort of artistic farewell, and he worked to make sure that only musical decisions were made.

Rambling in the Woods

In his musical career, Tom Pintens co-wrote over 150 songs. With his playing on the piano and guitar, he particularly contributed to shaping the sound of several bands. He enjoyed experimenting with music a lot, and numerous records were made in his Pintens Palace home studio. He had a cold demeanor, which is reflected in his self-penned song “All the time.” Let it come, let it be, “I’d rather let my thoughts wander in the woods when night falls and they won’t let go.”

On a stage in Flanders, generally next to a more well-known front person, many people have seen his upturned curls. He occasionally appeared to be paying more attention to what was going on around him than to his instrument. Always with their heads in the clouds, curious.

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