Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide

Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide

Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide – Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you about the movie Tufang. I’ll tell you which actors got to act in it and how well they portray their characters to you. I’ll also tell you when and on what day this movie will be released. I’ll also tell you that it’s a wonderful movie directed by Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan ji and that you will enjoy watching it very much.

Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide
Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide

Details of Tufang Movie

Release Date21th July 2023 [Friday]
PlatformTheatre [Worldwide]
GenreAction Thriller Drama
Running Time(Duration)144 Minutes (2 Hours 24 Minutes)
Rating3.5 Stars Out of 5
DirectorDheeraj Kedarnath Rattan
WritersDheeraj Kedarnath Rattan [Story & Screenplay]
Manila Rattan [Story & Screenplay]
Gurpreet Bhullar [Dialogues]
ProducersKV Dhillon
Production CompanyGeet MP3
DistributorGeet MP3
Screen Count
Music ComposerLucas
Deep Jandu
Ravi RBS
Prince Rakhdi
Jass Manak
Lyrics WriterLucas
King Grewal
Prince Rakhdi
Prince Bhullar
Jass Manak
Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide

Story of Tufang Movie

The word “Tufang,” which means a long-barreled firing gun in Persian, is the inspiration for the name. While the on-screen chemistry between Arjun Randhawa (Guri) and Rukshaar Dhillon (Deep) is strong, Jagjeet Sandhu’s acting talent shines through as he really inhabits the role of Mouser Singh Brar. He portrays a terrible persona and is Guri’s on-screen in-law.

It all begins with a gun that is taken from the gun store that Guri and his grandfather own. Guri travels far in his search for the offender before learning that there is more going on than simply a straightforward instance of theft. As screenwriter Manila Ratan and director Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan build a web of intrigue using dialogue from Gurpreet Bhullar, the excitement and suspense are maintained.

The focus of the movie is Guri, Jagjeet, and Rukshaar. The movie also strongly emphasizes the need of solely utilizing weapons to fight crime and uphold the truth. It demonstrates how a trusting individual can be duped by men into agreeing to marry them.

Review of Tufang Movie

In terms of his acting abilities, Guri undergoes a shift in this movie. Guri demonstrated that no position is too challenging for him, from being a straightforward person running a gun house to rushing up to commit murders. Rukshaar also did Deep Kaur’s strong character justice. Jageet should be commended for his “Mouser” act, and his ability to handle many tasks shows that he isn’t the type to be bound by stereotypes. Mahabir Bhullar, Guri’s famous grandfather, also performed admirably. The compelling action segment is when the audience can taste the rivalry. The negative depictions by Arsh Hundal and Karanveer Khullar are excellent. Along with the excitement, action, and drama, there is also some romance and light humour.

There are some emotional scenes in the movie’s last act. It also discusses her longing for Guri, who she hopes would return soon after serving her jail sentence, as she stands by the fire and thinks of Arjun (Guri). The voice in the background emphasizes how, for some people, a gun house is more of a legacy than a place of business. The importance of elders’ teachings on the younger generation is also highlighted in the movie.

Box Office Collection of Tufang Movie

Day 1(Fri)₹ 0.80 Cr
Day 2(Sat)₹ 0.85 Cr
Day 3(Sun)₹ 0.56 Cr
Day 4(Mon)₹ 0.88 Cr
Day 5(Tue)₹ 0.75 Cr
Day 6(Wed)₹ 0.55 Cr
Day 7(Thu)₹ 0.60 Cr
Total Collection₹=4.99 Cr
Tufang Movie Collection Worldwide

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