Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla – Witnesses with varying perspectives work to piece together a presidential assassination attempt. President Ashton will be under the protection of Special Agents Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) during a meeting on the fight on terror in Spain. Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla.

Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla
Vantage Point Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

Review of Vantage Point

Despite its intriguing plot device, which some reviewers hastily compared to “Rashomon,” “Vantage Point” is more akin to the arrogant intellectualism of the Bruce Willis-starring “Lucky Number Slevin,” a 2006 thriller that wasn’t nearly as brilliant as it thought it was and, by the film’s end, had descended into a sea of cliches and predictability.

At least the concept is original. In “Vantage Point,” a series of roughly five vignettes depicts the attempted assassination of the American president (William Hurt) shortly after his arrival in Spain to sign a multi-nation accord that is said to have a significant impact on terrorism worldwide.

The opening scene simply follows a studio executive (Sigourney Weaver) as she records the events before all hell breaks loose when the shots are fired. This scenario, which is the most clearly depicted in the movie, is followed by vignettes from the perspectives of Secret Service personnel, an American tourist (Forest Whitaker), the President, and, well, you get the idea.

Barry Levy, a current Hollywood “it” writer (at least prior to Diablo Cody’s Oscar victory), has undoubtedly created an intriguing idea. Unfortunately, “Vantage Point” loses sight of what made it special in the beginning and crumbles under the pressure of predictability, mediocre character development, and poor camerawork from director Pete Travis (“Omagh”).

The more casual moviegoer, who may not be aware that this plot device has only been utilised a few times in the past year and never with such a monotonous and unsatisfying result, is likely to enjoy “Vantage Point” more.

Contrarily, having seen these other films caused me to watch “Vantage Point” and almost laugh out loud at some parts, much to the dismay of those in the crowd around me who appeared to be at least tangentially invested in the movie.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a suspenseful political thriller. A political thriller that prioritises velocity and style over intelligence, substance, and, well, politics does feel slightly off, though.

The stressed-out TV executive played by Sigourney Weaver and the uneasy Agent Barnes played by Dennis Quaid, who has already taken a bullet for the President, are practically the same.

The Best Actor Oscar winner from the previous year, Forest Whitaker, seems to be portraying what Idi Amin could have done if he had access to an HD camera, while Matthew Fox, who plays another agent working with Barnes, isn’t given anything to do.

After a strong start, “Vantage Point” loses its audience’s attention, and by the film’s closing scene, one could practically feel viewers trembling with the all-too-familiar anticipation of knowing the outcome but hoping the writer pulls a fast one.

Cast of Vantage Point

Dennis QuaidasThomas Barnes
Forest Whitaker asHoward Lewis
Matthew FoxasKent Taylor
Bruce McGillasPhil McCullough
Edgar RamírezasJavier
(as Edgar Ramirez)
Saïd TaghmaouiasSuarez
Ayelet ZurerasVeronica
Zoe SaldanaasAngie Jones
(as Zoë Saldana)

Crew Members of Vantage Point

DirectorPete Travis
ProducerRicardo Del Río
WriterBarry L. Levy
Music ByAtli Örvarsson
Cinematography byAmir Mokri
Film Editing BySebastian Aguirre
Stuart Baird
Production Design byBrigitte Broch
Costume Design byLuca Mosca

Trailer of Vantage Point

DisclaimerA movie disclaimer is a sentence that occurs at the start or finish of a film or television program to inform the audience of specific production elements. A movie disclaimer is intended to warn spectators about any potential problems, such as any potentially offensive or upsetting material, or to make it clear that the events portrayed in the film are fictional and not meant to be accepted as truth. A disclaimer indicating the stunts in the movie were done by professionals and shouldn’t be tried at home is an example of how production-related information can be included in a disclaimer.

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