Victor Sykes Wikipedia, Boy Erased, Husband, Author

Victor Sykes Wikipedia, Boy Erased, Husband, Author

Victor Sykes Wikipedia, Boy Erased, Husband, Author – In the 2018 film Boy Erased, based on the same-titled book, Victor Sykes, played by Joel Edgerton, is modeled after Smid. The “UnErased: Smid” Radiolab podcast from November 2018 details Smid’s life.

Victor Sykes Wikipedia, Boy Erased, Husband, Author
Victor Sykes Wikipedia, Boy Erased, Husband, Author

Victor Sykes Wiki

Jared Eamons, a young homosexual man who enrolls in Love in Action’s gay conversion therapy evaluation program in order to be converted to a heterosexual, is the main character in Joel Edgerton’s drama film “Boy Erased,” which is a Focus Features release. Victor Sykes, the director of Love in Action, is in charge of the counseling program. Victor and the other Christians in the group make fun of Jared and the other program members for being gay. The film moves forward as Jared tries to flee from Victor and his crew. We were drawn to Victor and decided to find out if the character was based on a genuine person. However, this is what we can say about it!

Whether Victor Sykes a real person or not?

In reality, Victor Sykes is based on a real person. The character was based on John J. Smid, a former leader of the ex-gay organization Love in Action in Memphis. He was born in Denver, Colorado. Smid married a woman to whom he had two daughters before he joined the sect. He divorced his wife in 1979 after “deciding” that he was gay. In the late 1980s, he was drawn to the evangelical Christian ideology, which exposed him to Love in Action. He married his second spouse in 1988, and Love in Action named him executive director in 1990.

Smid created and implemented the “Refuge” program at Love in Action, which focused on gay conversion therapy for teenagers. “I hope we can help men and women overcome…mindsets counterproductive to their walk in Christ,” Smid said in regard to conversion therapy in 2005. Garrard Conley, who served as the inspiration for the film’s lead character Jared Eamons, was one of the youngsters who underwent Smid’s gay conversion therapy. Smid asserted [in a testimony] that] “I had developed a habitual practice of masturbating that carried into my marriage.” In “Boy Erased: A Memoir,” the book that served as the basis for the film, Garrard wrote about Smid.

The added comment by the author reads, “Rising out of this sin, Smid now believed a higher power had elected him to lead other gays out of their addiction into successful marriages.” According to reports, Smid quit Love in Action in 2008 owing to internal difficulties, legal issues, and bad press. The gay conversion therapy program he developed for Love in Action came to an end in 2007.

What happened to John Smid?

After quitting Love in Action, Smid expressed sorrow for taking part in LGBT conversion treatment there. In 2010, he said on his website, “If you have been hurt by me or harmed at the hands of my leadership, please come to me and give me the chance to personally apologize in the hope that we can both be freed from the bonds of unforgiveness.” The ‘Refuge Programme’ for youths, which attracted the most attention, was run by Love in Action. If I could go back in time and make a difference knowing what I know today, I would change the Refugee Program. He continued, “I’m sorry for the extra hurt Refuge did to young people who were already in a vulnerable position.

Smid eventually had to admit that his conversion therapies had no effect on a person’s sexual orientation. “The transformation for the vast majority of homosexuals will not include a change in sexual orientation,” Smid stated in accordance with Garrard’s book. In the novel that served as the inspiration for the film, Garrard wrote, “As if this is all it takes—Smid’s admitting to the obvious lie he’d sold me and my family —to repair the damages inflicted on all of us.” Smid’s 2012 memoir, Ex’d Out: How I Fired the Shame Committee, describes his efforts to sever ties with the ex-gay movement in order to lead a “authentic life.”

Smid contributed to the making of the Morgan Jon Fox documentary ‘This Is What Love in Action Looks Like,’ which chronicles the life of Zach Stark, a different adolescent who underwent gay conversion therapy at Love in Action. Smid established the LGBTQ+-affirming Grace Rivers Ministry in addition to starting to speak out against the risks of conversion therapy. He eventually started dating Larry McQueen in 2012, after divorcing his second husband. 2014 saw their wedding. Before announcing that they will be moving to Pearcy, an Arkansas CDP, in March 2022, the couple spent a significant amount of time in Paris, Texas. Smid currently works as a furniture manufacturer.

“I believe that due to my former notoriety, it will definitely have its impact,” Smid stated of his marriage to Larry. “I think it’s inspiring for other ex-gays, maybe even for those who are still holding onto their ex-gay worldview, to see this. In contrast to strange or inaccurate homosexual preconceptions, we think that our relationship demonstrates something incredibly common. We’ve come to the realization that our union is very much like the conventional heterosexual union,” he said.

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