West Bengal Couple Sell Baby For iPhone

West Bengal Couple Sell Baby For iPhone

West Bengal Couple Sell Baby For iPhone – A couple has been detained by police in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal for reportedly selling their eight-month-old child. The locals were the ones who became suspicious when they saw the pair using a brand-new phone and called the police.

West Bengal couple sells kid to purchase phone, then goes on honeymoon throughout the state.

Locals claim that the couple, who also have a daughter, toured around the state and made many stops, including at the beaches of the Mandarmani and Digha seas, for their honeymoon.

The incident happened at least one and a half months ago even though it was just discovered on Sunday (July 24). The infant has been saved, and the couple, known as Jaydev Ghosh and Sathi, are currently being held by authorities.

For Rs 2,000, Jaydev Ghosh and Sathi sold their infant. With the money, they later travelled to other locations, including Digha Sea Beach for their honeymoon. They also purchased a mobile, their neighbour Laxmi Kundu told India Today.

She even claimed that Sathi would invite additional guests to her home and that the couple had sold the child in order to purchase ganja and opium.

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Another lady, Priyanka Ghosh, who the couple is accused of selling the child to, has also been detained by police. Although she has not yet provided information, Priyanka was escorted to the Khardah police station.

The infant had been sent to his maternal uncle’s house, Jaydev’s father Kamai Chowdhury told India Today. I then learned that the infant had been sold. I am unable to divulge the reasons for and recipients of the baby’s sale. I learned that my son and his wife visited Digha and Mandarmani coastal beaches after selling the baby. They went to the Tarapeeth Kali temple as well.

A complaint was made after Kamai Chowdhury claimed that his son and daughter-in-law had physically and mentally abused him.

According to Tarok Guha, a TMC councillor, Jaydeb was shouting to grab his daughter even last night while intoxicated. I am unable to disclose where she was taken. I then hurried over to his place to correct him. I’ve just learned that his tiny child has been sold. It is true that the aforementioned boy hasn’t been seen in a few days.

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