What happened to Angel Hallowell – who killed?

What happened to Angel Hallowell – who killed?

What happened to Angel Hallowell – who killed? – Denise Hallowell, a teacher, was brutally killed in July 2019, shocking Florida. Her adopted little son turned out to be the murderer. The investigation revealed several stunning facts that showed the Hallowells’ ostensibly easy-going and tranquil way of life was anything but.

What happened to Angel Hallowell - who killed?
What happened to Angel Hallowell – who killed?

The Season 30 episode of NBC’s “Dateline,” “Horror at the Lake,” which explored the specifics of the Citrus County murder investigation, will be rebroadcast. At 9 p.m. ET on Friday, August 18, 2023, it will be broadcast on the channel.

Why did Carlos Hallowell murder Denise Hallowell, his mother?

Denise brought in Carlos, an adopted boy from Guatemala, when he was just four years old. Another Honduran adopted son came after him.

Carlos was a talented student who excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities. For years, the two seemed to be living the ideal existence, but gradually events altered.

Carlos was pursued by some bad company, which led to his abusing alcohol and narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, methamphetamine, and prescription medications in addition to alcohol. At the time, he wasn’t even a teenager.

His younger brother Angel had left the family in the interim after falsely accusing Denise of abuse. At this moment, Carlos had protected her. Things worsened when Carlos’ habits materially interfered with his schoolwork and resulted to his expulsion in 2019.

At this point, Denise and Carlos’s relationship started to go worse. The mother’s harsher discipline led to arguments between the two, and on July 13, 2019, one of these arguments resulted in Carlos attacking the mother with his ax.

Later, it came out that Carlos intended to inherit his mother’s possessions, including her home and automobile.

Where is Carlos Hallowell now?

Carlos took a while to admit his guilt despite the overwhelming physical evidence against him. In 2021, a jury found him guilty of first-degree premeditated murder after accepting the testimony at face value.

Carlos was only 17 years old when he killed Denise, thus the death penalty was not an option. As a result, he was given a life sentence with a 25-year parole eligibility period. Due to a lack of documents, it is uncertain where Carlos is doing his sentence for the murder.

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