What happened with Linus Tech tips

What happened with Linus Tech tips

What happened with Linus Tech tips – Accusations of “rushed” reviews and misogyny in the office have caused controversy to surround Linus Tech Tips, a YouTube channel that analyzes major technological goods.

What happened with Linus Tech tips
What happened with Linus Tech tips

What’s going on with Linus Tech Tips, and why has manufacturing stopped?

According to PC Gamer, in a video posted on June 24, founder Linus Sebastian was shown installing a Billet Labs Monoblock prototype—which was intended for use with a GTX 3090 GPU—on a GeForce GTX 4090 GPU by accident.

The “accuracy, ethics, and responsibility” of Linus Tech Tips’ reviews, according to competitor channel Gamers Nexus, should be criticized. The Monoblock video, according to the crew, was an example of “rushing content out the door” in favor of “quantity over quality.”

Sebastian responded to Gamers Nexus even though he is no longer the CEO of Linus Tech Tips because he was still in charge of the business at the time of the Billet Labs Monoblock review.

He continued, “We are going through some growing pains – we’ve been very public about them in the interest of transparency – and it’s clear we have some work to do on internal processes and communication,” adding that he “didn’t show the Billet in the best light” because he “wanted no one to buy it (because it’s an egregious waste of money no matter what temps it runs at)”.

Fans who accused Sebastian of failing to “own his mistakes” were not deterred by this at all. As a result, a new apology video featuring numerous senior leadership figures from Linus Tech Tips was published on August 16 and stated that there is “a lot of work to do.”

Sebastian was censured, according to CEO Terren Tong, for making a “clear and egregious judgment error regarding retesting a product he felt was impractical” in the wake of the Billet Labs Monoblock scandal.

The founder said, “I owe you folks better, and I’m sorry. I’m also going to use my week off to refocus on what’s important, which is giving you guys the finest material we can possibly produce.

Fans, however, have criticized the video’s overall irreverent tone as well as the advertising of the Linus Tech Tips store and sponsors. Madison Reeve, the former social media manager for Linus Tech Tips, further alleged that the YouTube channel fostered a misogynistic workplace culture.

Reeve made claims about how her mental health worsened while she was a member of the team through a series of tweets on X (previously Twitter), and that she “would not have recommended anyone I knew to work there, especially with my experiences as a woman in the office.”

What happened with Linus Tech tips

Tong admitted to being “in a state of shock” after reading Reeve’s account of her events in an interview with PC Gamer. They don’t align with the principles of our business. They don’t line up with my interactions with the team over the course of the past six weeks or so, he responded.

The allegations will be evaluated more thoroughly by our HR team. We’ll also be bringing in an outside investigator to look into the claims, and we’re committed to disclosing the results and putting any necessary corrective measures into place,” he said.

In other gaming news, the vibrant shooter Hyenas from Creative Assembly will have a closed beta for PC users at the end of this month.

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