What is the Roommate Stage in a relationship

What is the Roommate Stage in a relationship

What is the Roommate Stage in a relationship – You have entered what is known as the “roommate phase of marriage” if you and your partner behave more like friends or buddies than a loving couple at this point in your relationship.

What is the Roommate Stage in a relationship
What is the Roommate Stage in a relationship

What is Roommate Stage?

The honeymoon period is one of the most romantic times of a marriage. You’ve experienced the feeling that you can’t spend any time apart from one another. You also won’t let go of each other’s hands. And without romance, most nights (or days) won’t be complete.

The roommate phase typically starts at the point that marriage starts to seem like living together or when you realize your honeymoon is ended.

As a result, the roommate stage of marriage begins when partners stop seeing their union as unique. It occurs when couples become overly accustomed to living together, much like two friends sharing a home.

You start living together platonically rather than being physically and romantically interested in one another. The romance seems to have died and the enchantment has vanished.

When a marriage reaches this point, you stop caring if your spouse hasn’t returned home, even if it’s now past midnight. You no longer pay attention to your new haircut, how your clothing fit, or whether anyone like the cuisine.

It’s possible that you stopped inquiring about one another’s plans. The way your partner feels about you is similar to how they feel about them as a roommate.

Some people might believe that a marriage that feels more like roommates than a perpetual battleground is preferable. Living with a buddy is better than having a partner who physically abuses you or verbally abuses you.

But now that I think about it, why did you ever get married? Were you looking for a love partner or a companion that might satisfy your desires and heart?

In addition, the likelihood of adultery rises when there is no romance in a partnership. The roommate phase can appear for a variety of reasons, from couples failing to prioritize their union to a decline in attraction.

Understand Roomate Syndrome

Partners may stop focusing the romantic aspect of their relationship when they are overly engaged with their own interests or have demanding job commitments. At this point, the couples essentially merge into one another, living as housemates without walls.

They support one another throughout the day when it comes to carrying out tasks they deem vital, but there isn’t much they can do to keep their bond intact.

Activities outside of a marriage might satisfy both people in a partnership. These consist of their occupations and interests. They might be unaware that they are already functioning like marriage roommates since they believe their relationship is still solid.

They so make concessions to the marriage’s slow death. They follow their desires and ignore the crucial facets of their relationship, such as closeness, which they have disregarded.

They haven’t been intimate with one another for very long, therefore they haven’t grown accustomed to the situation. Even without meaning to and without realizing it, they have developed roommate syndrome.

The unpleasant reality regarding the marriage’s initial dating phase

Sincere confession: The roommate stage of marriage is when a couple is still together but no longer attached. Because they are married, they continue to live together, but things are no longer as they should be.

During the roommate stage of marriage, you still enjoy each other’s company but regrettably, you are no longer in love. You are only continuing to be together because you believe it to be the right decision. Or sometimes no one wants to end the relationship first to prevent hurting the other person.

It becomes difficult to find ways to be happy in a roommate marriage, which is the sad truth about the roommate phase. And exiting this stage is more difficult than entering it.

If you stop seeing reasons why you and your spouse should do things together, there won’t be any passion or connection between the two of you. You won’t feel pressured to do extra things with your partner, like take the dog for a walk or clean the house.

You are not having sex. And for married couples, that is unusual. Intimacy is necessary for a marriage to endure; without it, it will deteriorate and end in divorce.

Even if you don’t feel enough affection for each other, you and your partner can manage being together when you feel like roommates. Holding hands and exchanging kisses will keep the romance alive in your relationship. Without displaying affection for one another, your relationship is little more than that of marriage roommates.

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