Who is Amritpal Singh Khalsa Waris Punjab Da – Khalistan

Who is Amritpal Singh Khalsa Waris Punjab Da – Khalistan

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Who is Amritpal Singh Khalsa Waris Punjab Da - Khalistan
Who is Amritpal Singh Khalsa Waris Punjab Da – Khalistan

Who is Amritpal Singh?

Amritpal Singh 29, a fan of Khalistan took over the leadership in the group “Waris Punjab De,” is the name of actor Deep Sidhu, who passed in the month of September 2021, and started on the 29th of September 2022. The group is dedicated to advancing social causes and protecting Punjabi rights. On February 15th 2022, the actor Deep Sidhu, who was accused of being a participant in the 2021 Republic Day riots, was killed in a crash. The actor’s family cut relations with Amritpal Singh. He is the current president who is known for publicly praising Khalistan as well as the terrorist who was killed in the city, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Within Dubai, Amritpal Singh resided. After Deep Sidhu’s demise, the man went back home to Punjab. He is escorted by arm-stretched men in a Bhindranwale-like costume. He is now in charge of the company Sandeep Singh, alias Deep Sidhu established. Deep Sidhu had described his organization as a pressure group to protect Punjabi rights and the culture of Punjab as well as raise issues of social concern like health and education and voice his opinion against Delhi’s autocracy.

President of “Waris Punjab Da”

In the “Turban Tying” ceremony held on Thursday, in Moga’s Rode which is the home of the terrorist who was assassinated Bhindranwale, Amritpal Singh was elected as the president of the “Waris Punjab De” group. The ceremony was held close to Gurdwara Sant Khalsa, which was built in honor of Bhindranwale. The event on Thursday took place in the presence of Jasvir Singh Rode a member of the family of Bhindranwale and his elder brother Harcharan Singh Rode viewed it live via the US.

Amritpal Singh Speech

Amritpal Singh said, “Bhindranwale is my inspiration. I will walk the path shown by him. I want to be like him because that’s what every Sikh wants, but I am not copying him. I am not even equal to the dust of his feet.”

He further said, “Each drop of my blood is dedicated to the freedom of our community. Our battle started from this village in the past, future battles will also start from here. We all are still slaves. We have to fight for freedom. Our waters are being looted, our Guru is being disrespected. The entire youth of Punjab should be ready to give up their lives for the sect. People like Sidhu, who was on Guru’s duty, can never die in accidents. We know how he died, who killed him.”

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