Why did Yujiro kill his wife

Why did Yujiro kill his wife

Why did Yujiro kill his wife – Being the mother of the main character, Baki, Emi Akezawa plays a significant part in the anime and manga series “Baki the Grappler”. She also has a special bond with Baki’s father, Yuujiro Hanma, the main bad guy, because they were previously lovers. But just before she passed away, their relationship took a nasty turn, and she started abusing her own son both verbally and physically.

Why did Yujiro kill his wife
Why did Yujiro kill his wife

At first, Emi seemed like a loving mother, encouraging Baki to grow stronger. It was later discovered, though, that her acts were motivated by a compulsive need to please Yuujiro, the guy she actually loved. Her fondness for Baki was neglected as she became sickly fixated on Yuujiro, mistreating him as a result.

Why did Yujiro kill his wife?

The Baki series is a standout anime series renowned for its amazing combat scenes and strong characters. Baki the Grappler often places highly on lists of the best anime because of its abundance of strong characters and expertly staged battles. This classic anime provides viewers with jaw-dropping fight scenes, action-packed stories with unexpected turns, and emotional roller coasters.

One of the most tragic and heartbreaking scenes in the series happens when Emi Akezawa, Baki’s mother, suffers a terrible fate, yet, amidst the epic battles and compelling story. She dies at the hands of her own lover, Yuujiro Hanma, to whom she had devoted her entire life. Viewers wonder why Yuujiro committed such a wicked deed against the mother of his own son in the wake of this crucial event.

Additionally, viewers could be perplexed as to why Emi, who appeared to have abandoned Baki throughout his life, would suddenly step up to defend him in this crucial circumstance. Was there a secret motivation guiding her behavior? Did she ever grow to love Baki in spite of her previous actions? These inquiries probe the numerous layers of emotions that underlie the tale as well as the complicated relationships between the characters.

We shall investigate and offer in-depth responses to these inquiries in order to satiate the interest of Baki supporters and shed light on the motives and feelings that underlie this unfortunate incident. Along with providing answers to these precise questions, we’ll also provide more intriguing details to help people better understand and appreciate the Baki series. So let’s explore Baki’s universe and learn more about the intriguing anime it contains. Gambare, Baki devotees!

What happened to Baki’s mother?

In the childhood story, Emi Akezawa is delighted to see Yuujiro after a lengthy absence. She reaches out to embrace him, but Yuujiro rejects her, accusing her of failing to nurture Baki correctly, whom he views as weak and unimportant. He makes a claim about having influence over their son’s development, infuriating Emi to the point where she confronts Yuujiro with a razor. Yuujiro effortlessly stops her despite her want for blood and, oddly, kisses her, enjoying her aggressiveness.

Later, after ruthlessly showing Baki the head of the ape during his training, Yuujiro murders Yasha-Zaru, Baki’s beloved animal companion, causing Baki much distress. Baki tries to attack Yuujiro in a fit of wrath, but his father dismisses him and says they’ll fight the following month.

On the day of the expected fight, Yuujiro, Emi, Hitoshi Kuriyagawa, and an enigmatic elderly soldier named Sir make a dramatic entry. An unexpected earthquake interrupts the fight, but to everyone’s shock, Yuujiro stops it by pounding the ground, displaying his incredible strength.

Baki makes every effort during the battle to gravely hurt his father, but he is unsuccessful. However, Yuujiro is enthusiastic about Baki’s performance and is delighted with it. At one point, Yuujiro strikes his son violently and comes dangerously close to killing him, but Emi steps in unannouncedly, desperate to shield her son from harm.

Yuujiro accepts the challenge and brutally kills Emi by rupturing her eardrum and fracturing her spine while giving her one last hug. He is amazed that Emi has grown mother instincts. Yuujiro also murders every spectator while in a delirium before fleeing the crime site. Emi spends her final minutes cuddling Baki and singing him a lullaby after understanding how much she loves her kid. In the Baki series, this terrible sequence of events is a key and poignant scene.

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