Wilbur Victor Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Madrid, Gif

Wilbur Victor Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Madrid, Gif

Wilbur Victor Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Madrid, Gif -: A video of a man speaking to us next to a vintage Honda Africa Twin about bikes and biker culture in a mocking tone appeared a couple of days ago. The man was somewhat comical and nerdy at the same time. But although being delivered through gestural slapstick, his message was really genuine.

Wilbur Victor Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Madrid, Gif
Wilbur Victor Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Madrid, Gif

The creator of that video goes by the name Victor, but he likes to go by Wilbur, the biker community’s favorite figure for which he recently rose to fame.

“I don’t pollute, I’m writing poetry on the go,” Wilbur said.

Wilbur unleashes relentless comedy pearls in the video while sporting motocross bib dungarees that display his pigeon chest, large orange goggles, pants, knee pads, and biker boots.

This figure has quickly gained the attention of many bikers because of phrases like “I don’t pollute, I’m making poetry on the road,” “my heart is made of gasoline,” and “with this, I wade through the lakes and I’m a zodiac whore.”

To find out how this video was made and, incidentally, to understand the reason for its popularity, we decided to get in touch with this character’s creator, who also happens to be the same person who created the character. When we took up the phone, Wilbur promptly answered, but his voice was quieter and more… human.

Gratitude for visiting us, Victor or Wilbur? Do you prefer if we call you by that name?

(Laughter) My stage name is Better Wilbur. My real name is Victor, but only a select few people, including relatives, are aware of it.

The speed at which a video may go over the networks is astounding. Why did you decide to record it?

I am aware of the recording’s rising popularity among biker communities. Even though Wilbur’s character, who has been around for a while, isn’t sure if he still wants to do it after all that’s happening, he talks about the Africa Twin you see since a buddy asked me to produce a film about the bike before selling it. He could have a pleasant memory of her in this way.

When and where did you publish it for it to become so popular? How long did it take you to record it?

I instructed my pal to ride his motorbike here because I live in the Madrid mountains. For a half-hour, we captured everything we could in a shot sequence that I later had to edit. Later, I uploaded it to my YouTube channel after first posting it to Facebook. When I put it on, I had no idea that it would reach beyond what I had ever thought.

I can send them to festivals thanks to the footage I have on my channel, and then they can hire me. But in this instance, it spread like wildfire without intending to. In fact, I considered including my friend’s contact information in case he could sell the bike first. It’s a good thing I decided against doing it because I would have had to chuck the phone into Mordor.

Be truthful with us. Do you actually ride a bike or were you simply acting like Wilbur?

What I state in the video is accurate, and I do not own a motorbike license. I do not ride a motorcycle. Since I grew up with a heavily modified GTR with gears, I do know how to drive them. My sibling owns a VFR. But in the sense that I don’t ride a motorbike, I’m not a biker. I do have motivation and a love for motorcycles.

In other words, you didn’t study the things you said in the video; rather, they were things you already knew.

(laughs) Everything else in the video was uttered naturally and without following a script, with the exception of the words “overlander” and “wading.” I’m not a biker, but I am familiar with the world. I was born and raised in Alicante, although I currently reside in Madrid. I frequently go to Cheste to watch Valentino Rossi win the MotoGP. I like the overall theme, then. Nearly everyone is familiar with the terms “give gas,” “the heart,” and “the carburetor,” but the biker actually lives them.

Okay, but Wilbur’s persona doesn’t typically dress up like a biker. Is the clothing you’re wearing in the photos your own or a loan?

The vest, the knee pads, the tent, the map, and even the orange spectacles that are used to see better at night (he dons night glasses) and that I didn’t know existed were all provided to me by my friend to record.

Why did you choose to call the video’s title Queen of the Road?

It was intended as a joke. I included the song in the karaoke version of Roger Miller’s King of the Road after I finished the video, and it made me chuckle to refer to him as the Queen of the Road. Actually, I applied it a little hastily. He entered my mind, which made me laugh, so I said it. It was my way of throwing in my two cents, as the subject of women in leadership is.

Have you observed any changes in the short time that your movie has been circulating on the networks? Do you, for instance, have more work calls?

They have called me a few times as a result of the video, sure. Because they are still considering making a miniseries with Wilbur, I had an interview with a fiction representative on television specifically this week. There will undoubtedly be more videos from me, though I can’t say when because I’m currently working on a number of projects. I’m having a lot of problems, and the video’s unexpected success caught me off guard. There are ways to make it more professional and determine its potential.

In addition to us, have you also been drawn to the motorbike world?

Yes, I recently participated in an interview for a program on motorcycles. Chicho Lorenzo, Jorge Lorenzo’s father, even called me to ask whether he could post my film on his YouTube account as well as any other media source.

And if you were able to profit from this drive, how would you go about doing so? Would you stick to the motorbike theme or would you widen your horizons?

I’d prefer the focus of upcoming videos to be the biker Wilbur because the issue is broad. What happens to the character after that is another factor. Things happen to him because he is a traveler, but they all begin with the fact that he rides his motorcycle on an adventure. It’s only an idea right now, so I need to figure out exactly what to do.

I’m not sure how to go about doing it—whether on YouTube or through another channel. I don’t yet know. At least on YouTube, I’m going to move gently and with decent lyrics. Wilbur’s exploits could use a few chapters, but for the time being, nothing is set in stone.

We looked at your website a little and were astounded by your physical strength. You are athletic and unquestionably acrobatic. What are your background and current occupation?

When I was young, I began practicing artistic gymnastics on the bars and rings. My parents enrolled me when I was five years old, and until I was 22 years old, I was competing at a very high level. I had to stop because of an injury. I started working in theatre and circus performances when I made a friend who was in the circus. I began performing primarily stunts.

I spent some time at the Cirque du Soleil as well since once I completed competing, I had a high level of acrobatic ability. Later, I departed from it and rode alone. I moved to Madrid and founded a business with a friend.

When and how did you come up with the idea for Wilbur during all of that?

(Breathes deeply) Wilbur is a composite of everything I’ve gone through throughout my life. I was born in 1981 and **I enjoyed Stallone films, Van Damme films, ‘The Bicicletas’, and other 80s-era films. Additionally, I adored comedians like Jim Carrey.

I’ve been developing the character throughout the years, and it’s now at its most developed and greatest. I’ve been on a nine-year journey to find the right way to embody Wilbur. He is my alter ego; I am speaking uncensored.

How much do you train now that you are older to continue performing your shows? You can clearly observe how well you perform squats in the video.

I keep myself in shape and maintain myself. I’m not a big crazy person either. Before I go to bed, I attempt to complete all of my gymnastic exercises, including my staplers, Olympics, push-ups, pull-ups, and some flexibility.

What and where are you now working on?

The shows I’m performing right now are “Cielo Santo Cabaret” and “Clandestino Cabaret” at the Bankia Principe Po Theatre in Madrid. I play Wilbur in both, but I also play Cupid and the “Manly Guard.” I also do my own act called “Think of Wilbur” around cities and towns. Making the chilled pussy takes one hour.

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