Yessma Series Telegram Channel Link Malayalam

Yessma Series Telegram Channel Link Malayalam

Yessma Series Telegram Channel Link Malayalam – Yessma app is a popular Malayalam adult OTT platform. They debuted in the web series market a few months ago. They built up a sizable fan base on social media in a relatively short period of time. It is a part of several gene contents such as drama, horror, romance, and so on. It recently began dubbing programs into Tamil and other languages.

Yessma Series Telegram Channel Link Malayalam
Yessma Series Telegram Channel Link Malayalam

What Is Yessma Series

Yessma is an OTT platform noted for its daring and strong content. The app solely features Malayalam web series. It was released on August 5, 2022. Yessma, like the Ullu app, provides diverse material such as drama, romance, action, love, and thriller. Yessma is accessible on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). Some pirate websites always target this Yessma ott platform to engage its users because it has more followers and lovers.

What is the Subscription to the Yessma app?

Yessma can be subscribed to with reasonable options such as Rs 111 per month, Rs 333 for three months, and Rs 555 for six months. Despite the fact that the number is small, some people are attempting to broadcast videos from unauthorized websites. Piracy is not new for ott releases; it also occurs frequently for big-budget films.

 1 MONTH 3 MONTH 6 MONTHS   12 MONTHS                               For More Information
PLAN ₹222 / 1 MonthPLAN ₹555 / 3 MonthsPLAN ₹1111 / 6 MonthsUnlimited PLAN ₹2000 / 12 MonthsClick Here
Plan Valid for one Month – Monthly SubscriptionPlan Valid for Three Months – Quarterly SubscriptionPlan Valid for Six Months – Half Yearly SubscriptionPlan Valid for Twelve Months – Annual SubscriptionClick Here

How can I watch the Yessma web series for free?

On the Yessma website or app, there is no free trial option. To see all of the Yessma web series, you must pay at least a monthly subscription. On its Facebook page, you can see a sneak preview or glimpse of videos of the latest Yessma series.

How to download the Yessma app?

  • Open your mobile device’s app store. The App Store is for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store is for Android devices.
  • Search for the app by typing its name, “Yessma,” into the app store’s search bar.
  • Search the results for the official app created by the legitimate publisher. Make careful to read the app’s description, reviews, and ratings to guarantee you’re getting the right app.
  • When you’ve found the right app, tap it to open its page. More information about the software, screenshots, and user reviews are usually available there.
  • If the app is free, a “Install” or “Get” button will usually appear. Tap it to start the download and installation.
  • Your smartphone will then be downloaded and installed with the app. Depending on your device, you can locate it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

Yessma Web Series For Free?

  1. Room No 222
    • Release Date: 22 October 2022
    • Cast: Madhuri, Abhilash
  1. The Hot Stone Web Series
    • Release Date: 5 November 2022
  1. 1000 Rupees
    • Cast: Sachin
    • Release Date: 12 November 2022
  1. The Sounds of Forest
    • Cast: Kadeeja Shareef
    • Release Date: 7 December 2022
  1. Plum Cake
    • Cast: Ayesha Pathan
    • Release Date: 25 December 2022

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